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Let’s face it, science is the best way we have to understand our world. Since the development of the scientific method, just look at all we’ve accomplished. Here’s a list of some of the top science websites.

Science Links:

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YgO refers to their followers as the Army of Nones. Most of our fans are probably going to fall into this new name to describe those of us who do not follow a specific religion. We nones are on the rise and for solid reasons.

One of the biggest reasons for the declining percentages of followers of religion has to be Darwin’s natural selection theory of evolution.  While it’s possible that you can believe evolution AND be religious, there’s no doubt that this “controversial” theory contradicts the literal interpretations of the holy books of the Abrahamic religions and the accounts of Genesis. Is it really controversial though? No. In many countries the media likes to spin it that way, if they even mention it at all, and much of the general public thinks the “controversy” is with biologists.  Fact is, there is virtually ZERO controversy among biologists as to whether evolution happens.  It’s quite possible you weren’t taught much about evolution in school because some, who do not believe it, have fought hard to keep the facts away from many schools. If you want to learn more, here’s a couple great places to start:

Evolution info & FAQ’S

Evolution 101

But don’t just take it from there, use a search engine. You will find that the information about evolution that fit’s the Darwinian model will be found on websites of state universities, etc., while sites teaching the “controversy” always seem to point toward religion, mostly Christianity & Islam.

If you think there’s some big scientific conspiracy, you should learn why there’s no room for conspiracies in science and refer to this:

Critical Thinking Guide

That critical thinking guide above is a great bull shit detection kit for ANYBODY. Why this stuff isn’t taught in most schools is just bewildering. These tools can do anything from keeping you from getting ripped off to helping make life’s most important decisions.