January 12, 2014 in Interview

Was The Inspiration for YgO Sleep Deprivation & Manic Episode?

Not only is it the world’s first virtual band solo project for both the art and music, but topics of critical thinking and skepticism are not too common in the music world either. What exactly was the inspiration for this unique project?

For the first time publicly, Atom, the artist/musician behind YgO, shares an embarassing, yet exciting story. This chain of events eventually led to the inspiration behind YgO, the virtual band beyond belief. Up until this point, only a few family members and close friends have heard the story. In Epidsode 36 of The Herd Mentality Podcast there’s an exclusive interview with show host Adam Reakes. It was an honor for Atom to be on this relatively new podcast, which has already had some notable guests, such as Lawrence Krauss and actor Ricky Gervais.

Atom tells the story of how one night’s strange experience led to sleep deprivation and triggered a manic episode that put him in a mental health facility. The whole chain of events included a couple trips to the emergency room and some extremely delusional thinking. Hear how this dramatic, life changing event, in more ways than one, ended up being a positive turn for the better. Critical thinking skills, science and reason turn out to be the savior and the artist’s greatest inspiration.

While the interview doesn’t delve into every single detail of the story or the virtual band, the foundation is laid. It lasts about 20 minutes and is the first feature of the podcast. The birth of YgO, the virtual band beyond belief, may not have happened without this manic episode and temporary brush with insanity. You can listen to that Herd Mentality Episode 36  by clicking right here: http://herdmentalitypodcast.com/ Go to the Episode menue and scroll to #36. Also available on iTunes in the Podcasts section.

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