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Confederate Flags Come Down and Rainbows are Flying!

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Confederate Flags Down, Rainbows Up

Racism and Homophobia

It’s been an interesting week over here in the US, to say the least. Confederate Flags are coming down and Gay Marriage is finally ruled legal in all states by the Supreme Court of the United States. Depending on your circles, you may have witnessed the reactions of joy and excitement or a lot of pessimism and frustration. Most of us have at least seen some reactions from different perspectives. Social media has been in an uproar. For those individuals who fall on the latter side of these emotions, maybe it’s time to consider somethings…

Marriage Equality

On gay marriage, most of the people upset feel that way because of the “redefining” of marriage and it’s straying from the biblical definition of “one man and one woman”. Well, it turns out polygamy is in the bible quite a bit, approved of, and marriage is really about men owning women, the inferior sex? But wait a minute, in it’s typical fashion, the bible also contradicts itself, in disapproving polygamy.

Confederate Flag

The Confederate Flag started and has kept flying in South Carolina since desegregation. It’s no wonder that religion has encouraged racism, besides polygamy in the holy books of the Abrahamic religions, there’s also endorsement of slavery in both the old and New Testament. This might have something to do with why religious people tend to be more racist. Yes, that claim can be made, because there’s studies that support it.

An Idea

The holy books of the Abrahamic religions are often cited as a source for morality, yet it seems that religion has been wrong on a lot of equal rights issues. Cherry picking religious leaders help keep the myth alive for those who are too busy or fearful to critically examine “the good word”. Here’s an idea: Maybe, just maybe, we should stop looking to religious texts, in their infinite wisdom, for guidance. After all, people who cite them to justify discrimination always end up on the wrong side of history. Should we instead continue to rely on our evolved secular morality? Or is The Golden Rule, which existed prior to the big three religions, all we need?





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