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Confederate Flags Come Down and Rainbows are Flying!

no gays red

Confederate Flags Down, Rainbows Up Racism and Homophobia It’s been an interesting week over here in the US, to say the least. Confederate Flags are coming down and Gay Marriage is finally ruled legal in all states by the Supreme Court of the United States. Depending on your circles, you may have witnessed the reactions of joy and excitement or

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Funny Pope Song Video “Pointy Hat & Funny Shoes”

Pope Francis

A funny Pope song, “Pointy Hat & Funny Shoes”, Released 2/22/2015. A funny pope song. From stolen rosary beads to harboring pedophiles, this funny pope song covers many of the shennanigans of the “Pope Superman” and problems with the Catholic Church. A must see for those with their eyes wide open, especially ex-Catholics! Here it

February 21, 2015 in music

New Song and Video

A New YgO Song, “Pointy Hat & Funny Shoes”, and it’s Video Premiere February 22, 2015. The song is called “Pointy Hat & Funny Shoes” and is a comical reflection of some problems with the pope(s), the Vatican and the Catholic Church. Consider it a funny pope song. The song was inspired by and features

August 5, 2014 in music

We are not on hiatus. More art and music coming soon!

The YgO band has been a bit quiet lately, but only because we’re using every spare minute for writing and recording new songs. Stay tuned, much more music and art to come! Thanks for your patience.

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Drinking Pope’s Blood

Pope’s blood Stolen! “I thought it would get people to follow my every move, but ever since I’ve been drinking this Pope blood, I’ve been wearing funny hats, suffering delusions and have had a strong desire to be pedophile friendly.” – Occam, YgO’s octopus drummer