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You are either a none or a victim.

YgO teaser video One of them appears to be a zombie. One of them was rescued from a tsunami. One is named after a sea creature. One actually is a sea creature. Three require robotics for movement. One has some cat like features. A bonobo brain is in control of one. Three male, two female

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Occam the Octopus – This octopus drummer uses it’s tentacles and assorted animal bones as drum sticks to make drum beats unlike the world has ever heard. Sometimes called the Flying Stick Mimic due to it’s flying “stick” juggling style, but also because Occam has a major resemblance to another FSM, the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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Music, Music, Music…

We’re probably going to be releasing 2 to 4 songs at a time.  With a big enough fan base, maybe we can release more of everything quicker, but for now, and possibly for the life of the band, we’ve got to squeeze in work on the music, art & videos every chance we get. For

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Science. Let’s face it, science is the best way we have to understand our world. Since the development of the scientific method, just look at all we’ve accomplished. Here’s a list of some of the top science websites. Science Links: Live Science Scientific American Discovery The Science Channel Science Daily Science Direct NASA Space Nature New Scientist

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Band member details coming soon, under the Band menu! At this time there are no plans for a tour.  It’s a virtual band, so a real tour is impossible. Who knows, with advancements in science, at some point these characaters could play on stage using volumetric displays (often mistakenly referred to as holograms) like that