Meet YgO – The virtual band beyond belief. The band members are 50% sci-fi, 50% freak show. Click on our Band drop down menu and see for yourself!

Pictured below is the official EV tour rig of YgO, The Enlightningment, it’s 100% electric and runs on some serious amps as well as some Enlightenment principles.

YgO's EV tour rig.

YgO’s EV tour rig.

YgO’s ride is a custom, all electric, ’59 El Camino Hearse pulling an Airstream trailer.  Built to get them to their gigs and fast.  The Enlightningment’s El Camino hearse is powered by a large liquid cooled AC (alternating current) electric motor, a 4000 amp controller and powered by high voltage packs of lithium phosphate batteries with high discharge rates. The battery packs are stored both in the hearse and the trailer.  The packs typically charge off of renewable sources.


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