February 21, 2015 in music

New Song and Video

A New YgO Song, “Pointy Hat & Funny Shoes”, and it’s Video Premiere February 22, 2015. The song is called “Pointy Hat & Funny Shoes” and is a comical reflection of some problems with the pope(s), the Vatican and the Catholic Church. Consider it a funny pope song. The song was inspired by and features

August 5, 2014 in music

We are not on hiatus. More art and music coming soon!

The YgO band has been a bit quiet lately, but only because we’re using every spare minute for writing and recording new songs. Stay tuned, much more music and art to come! Thanks for your patience.

August 1, 2013 in music

Song Lyrics

Scroll down to the song title you’d like to see lyrics for and check them out. YgO plans on continuing to place links within the lyrics to provide the readers with more information on the topics. Most songs have vague, conservative, safe lyrics that almost anyone can read into and relate to. YgO doesn’t take that