Idle Worship

Inspiration and reference:


You’d better recognize

how right my suicide.

Few said that I came back,

barely good witness,

but a good enough litmus.


Many decades later,

as if fresh on the scene,

a new book was compiled

…if you know what I mean.


Took a “Great” Constantine

and many years more

to get the masses all riled

and ready to ignore.


Evolved so complex,

I’m on all their minds

and on all their necks.



That’s enough!

I give a fuck!

They call me Chuck.


That’s all great and good

but me, I wasn’t down.

That’s when I left my ‘hood.

Goodbye to Lamarck.

Left in the dark.


The little islands I visit,

they were thought

not quite exquisite.

Captured my imagination

to a god damn revelation.


My book on The Origin,

still truths on it’s pages.

One Fifty years later

still sends some into rages.

What I found on the islands

is better than diamonds!


That’s enough!

I give a fuck!

They call me Chuck!


He rode in on an ass,

I float up on The Beagle!

He is stuck in the past

in his dad’s Buick Regal!


Stuck behind him,

traffic jam of a billion

with no idea…

Ancestry is reptilian!


(The Church)




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