The music industry.

Yes, the music industry certainly has changed. In many ways it’s for the better. Thankfully, there’s no more gatekeepers, no one to say “you would appeal to only a small niche market”. No one is forced to just spew out more vague poetic bullshit to get a record deal. With some reading, experimenting and practice, a recording studio can be made in the corner of a room. Distribution can be handled from that same corner.

YgO will continue to do what they do no matter how small the market. Originally fans would receive a couple free track downloads by joining the YgO Army of Nones mailing list at or right here on this site. YgO still asks that you please do that, if you haven’t done so already, to stay in the loop, get any news and goodies before they’re available to anyone else and just because…

Does anybody even download tracks anymore?

Also, did you notice you can stream YgO’s songs here to your right?

A patreon account is in the works. Thanks for your support!


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