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YgO’s Message?

We don’t necessarily have just one message. However, we do feel that our world would be a much better place if it’s inhabitants were informed by and made decisions using science and reason rather than letting superstition, dogma and paranoia guide them.

Knowlege is Power!

With the power of the internet we have virtually all of humankind’s knowledge at our fingertips. At this day and age it’s now more important than ever to be able to separate the bullshit from the facts. Questioning everything is great, but only when done with a critical eye. You can only do this through the principles of science and critical thinking. When you do, you’ll see the world more clearly than you ever have before and not be one of those who is left in the dark.


Recovering from Religion – A recovery support group, as the name implies.

Critical Thinking Academy – A FREE 18 hour course to get your thinking straight. This should be taught in school! – Skeptic Magazine’s website – A no bullshit website with some cool artwork. – The Skeptic’s Dictionary

Skeptic’s Bible – An unbiased interpretation. They’ve got one on the Quran too. – Apologists be damned. No one beats “chariots of iron”.

James Randi Educational Foundation – This foundation was started by “The Amazing” James Randi, debunker of all debunkers.

JREF Million Dollar Challenge – Know someone who claims paranormal or super natural powers? Tell them you’ll split the million dollars with them.

Museum of Hoaxes – A chronicle of deception throughout history. You can actually visit the place in San Diego, California



Point of Inquiry – This podcast helped at least one person to a sane mind after a manic episode and escape from a mental health facility.

Atheist Airwaves – Hilarious commentary and discussion of current topics from ladies and gentleman in Corpus Christi, Texas. Warning: Strong Language!

The Atheist Experience – Based on the long running Austin, Texas public access TV show.

Herd Mentality – A funny interview show from Australia, with host Adam Reakes

Irreligiosophy – Knowledgeable ex-Mormon and sidekick give foul mouthed explanations of religions and the history of them.

Cognitive Dissonance – Two friends laugh to keep from crying while discussing current events.


Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe

Sex! – Secular sexuality actually.


More Reading:

If you’re not too familiar with the concepts of critical thinking, or how to tell real science from psuedoscience, here’s that classic book to get you started:

The Demon Haunted World

At the very least, read this Wikipedia page about it to get an overview.

Demon Haunted

College level books on critical thinking are also a great source of information. Try to find one that has definitions of the different argument types. It will help you remember what they’re called and how to spot them. Once you get good at it, it becomes fun to listen politicians, pastors, preachers and paranormal pushers try to pull the wool over our eyes!

WARNING: It is a bit frustrating when you realize that you should have been taught this most important subject in school.

BEWARE: There is no turning back!

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