January 12, 2014 in Interview

Was The Inspiration for YgO Sleep Deprivation & Manic Episode?

Not only is it the world’s first virtual band solo project for both the art and music, but topics of critical thinking and skepticism are not too common in the music world either. What exactly was the inspiration for this unique project? For the first time publicly, Atom, the artist/musician behind YgO, shares an embarassing,

June 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

“Like a punk Black Sabbath.” We’ll take that description.

One of the first musicians to hear our music said it sounded “like a punk Black Sabbath.”  We’ll gladly accept that description.  For now, we’ve just got a few songs on SoundCloud.  You can hear us on SoundCloud by clicking on the SoundCloud logo/link at the top of this page.